Tinnitus Help

Dear visitor! First off I’d like to tell you that I’m Swedish and that you’ll have to excuse any grammatical or other language mishaps :) This is a very personal story for me because my own tinnitus affected my own life quality dramatically – to say the least. My old happy go lucky self was no more. The noise I heard took all my time and attention. It took over a year until I discovered that there were sounds that more or less muted or masked my tinnitus.

I had used hearing aids delivered by the health system here in Sweden which of course provide white noise.. and that used to help me for a couple of days, but after that the white noise started to become as frustrating as the tinnitus. It was not until I started to listen to natural background sounds that my brain could finally relax and not treat the sounds as a threat. I literally felt the peace coming back into my brain and body and these sounds have helped me to a degree where I’m now habituated and I'm happy to say my old happy go lucky self is back again. I personally feel that these sounds have been tremendously helpful in this process.

Sound Samples

The most important thing that I realized – and which I never thought possible – was the fact that there were sounds able to mute or mask my tinnitus. One sound I found very helpful is the first sample you will find below, it is a sound designed to stimulate the auditory cortex and divert attention from the tinnitus. What I really liked about this sound was that it worked at a pretty low volume. For longer sessions the nature sounds are wonderful since the brain doesn’t easily get annoyed with them since they are naturally occurring sounds.

I encourage you to listen through them all to see if you find a sound that fits your needs. It’s not essential but I highly recommend that you use headphones when listening to the sounds. The price for all the sounds is $19.95. The sounds will be sent in full-length version to your email after your order for you to listen to them on your computer or mobile device.

  • The beeping is now replaced with nature sounds :)

    Kristian Andersson
  • I use the sounds both at day and at night, works wonderfully.. thank you!!

    Niklas Lund
  • Like a portable sound machine that gives me peace whenever I need it.. thank you! <3

    Ida Fält
  • Tinnitus is honestly no longer an issue in my life.. Thank you! <3

    Malin Nilsson